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Wedding Questionnaire

WEDDING QUESTIONNAIRE [Please copy and paste this questionnaire into your email window.That will make it possible for you to fill it out. Return it to me by E-mail:]

Full Current Name [including middle name -- as it would appear on your marriage license]:

Address (including zip):

Telephone: home: (    )  -  work: (    )     -  mobile:(    ) -

E-mail address(home and work):

Present Marital Status:

If married previously, how many times? How many children?

Date of Birth:




Church Affiliation Now:



Confirmed? yes ___; no___: In what Denomination?

Father's Name:

Mother's Name (include maiden name):

Parents' Residence(s):

[Fill this last part only once, as it should be the same for you both, no?].

You need to get your marriage license at the town clerk's office of the place of marriage up to 65 days before the wedding date. Click on "useful links" on my website for a list of Connecticut Town Clerks. Some Clerks require an appointment. Both of you need to go in person, though not necessarily together. It takes about 30 minutes to get the license, once the application is complete. Bring photo ID and cash. Usually the License costs $50.00 and the Certificate an additional $20.00. Ask the clerk about prepaying for the Certificate and the possibility of having it mailed to you when ready, so you can save a trip.

I provide couples married by me with a religious wedding certificate, which you may wish to frame or preserve in your wedding album. In theory, it has no civil value.

Date and time of ceremony:

Matron/Maid of Honor:

Best Man:

Location of ceremony:

Rings for one or both of you?

Holy Communion?

Ordinarily rehearsals are NOT necessary, but I will consider special circumstances, if I am not already committed to some other obligation.


To be negotiated per each couple's circumstances: never more than $500. There is a nonrefundable $50.00 deposit [applied towards total fee] to engage my services. The deposit can be given through the PayPal button. The balance of the fee can also be given through PayPal, or in person after the wedding ceremony.

Fee that we will pay(to be discussed at our meeting):$_________:


Location of Reception [if different from ceremony site]:

New Address of Bride and Groom [if different from above]:

How did you hear about my ministry?

Date(s) of premarital meetings [to be filled in by me when we arrange meetings]:

Deposit Received:_____________________

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