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Religious Services

I am available for weddings at home, hotels, banquet halls and outdoors; also Second Marriages and Interfaith Marriages, Renewal of Vows; as well as other Religious Services such as Baptisms, Funerals, Pastoral Counseling, Communion calls, Sweet Sixteen/Quinceañera Blessings and home Masses, etc. All services are also available in Italian and Spanish. Though I fully accept people's civil rights, I do not officiate at same-sex marriages.

I provide couples married by me with a religious wedding certificate, which you may wish to frame or preserve in your wedding album. In theory, it has no civil value.

Please note: look at my calendar to see if your desired date/time is still available. I do not schedule weddings unless a non-refundable deposit is received to guarantee the date/time. Click on an event to see the exact time. It may be possible to have two weddings on the same day, if the times are far enough apart....



I provide resource material and help in every step of constructing your own personalized ceremony, which can be as short or as long [within reason] as you want.

I will keep you and your relationship in prayer prior to your Wedding Day as well as afterward. You and your marriage will always be very special to me. Though I love wedding celebrations and will consider all invitations to receptions, please understand that I cannot accept every invitation. In any case, if at all possible,and if you desire, I will be happy to invoke a special blessing for your meal. [If a minister is invited to a reception, it is customary to seat them with older relatives, NOT with photographers or DJ's].

Prior to your wedding, we will meet at least once [or as many times as needed], usually at a nearby coffee shop [see "Location" in sidebar], unless there is reason to meet elsewhere. The purpose of the meeting[s] is to get acquainted and plan the ceremony. There is no charge for premarital consultation[s]. You are invited to raise any issues you wish regarding your relationship, your faith in God and your future together as a married couple.



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