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I will spend approximately twenty hours in preparation and travel [sometimes up to 200 miles for rehearsals (when unavoidable) and ceremonies] for a wedding. While others may charge several hundred dollars, my fees are negotiable depending on a couple's circumstances, generally no more than $500. My services are a ministry, not a business. There is no charge for premarital consultations. A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 [applied towards the total fee] is due when you decide to reserve the date of your wedding. I will enter your wedding date and time on my web site calendar, so that other couples will not be asking for the same time. [Note: when you look at the calendar, click on the event to see time and place: sometimes it is possible to have two ceremonies on the same day]. I will also e-mail you a receipt along with an attached "Wedding Resource" document to start you on the road to constructing your own unique ceremony [as short or long as you want -- most couples choose ceremonies about 20 minutes long]. The remainder of the fee, along with your Marriage License is due [at the Rehearsal or] prior to the Wedding Ceremony. I will register your marriage with your State of residence.

There are no fees for Baptisms or other religious services. A tax deductible free will offering may be made if desired. 

Fees for funerals will be handled by the Funeral Director, and may vary according to individual circumstances.

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