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Baptismal Questionnaire

BAPTISM QUESTIONNAIRE [Please copy and paste this questionnaire into your E-mail window or create a document that you can then attach to E-mail. That will make it possible for you to fill it out. Return it to me by E-mail:]

Child[ren]'s Name[s]:

Date & Place of Birth:

Father's Name:

Mother's Maiden Name:

Parents' contact information:




Desired Place and Date of Baptism:

Sponsors' Names:

Place of Sponsors' Baptism:


Ideally you should have your child(ren) baptized at your local parish church and be committed to raising them in the faith. Among other things, that means that you will provide the example of practicing your faith. Are you willing to do this? Y---N--- 

I will furnish you with a baptismal certificate, but it is the parents' responsibility to report the baptism to your local parish church, so that the Baptism can be recorded locally, and a copy of a certificate can be easily obtained for the future:

Where did you hear about my ministry?

Please note that there is no set fee for a Baptism, or any other Sacrament or spiritual goods of the church. But a free will offering will be gratefully accepted and passed on to the Good Shepherd Companions. See the PayPal donation button on the home page.

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