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Baptismal Questionnaire
Please fill out the following and return to me by E-mail. You can copy and paste into your E-mail window or create a document that you can then attach to E-mail and send to me: mailto:frmike@mikeaparo.com

 Child[ren]'s Name[s]:

Date & Place of Birth:

Father's Name:

Mother's Maiden Name:

Parents' contact information:


Phone:                     E-mail:

Desired Place and Date of Baptism:

Sponsor's Name:

Place of Sponsor's Baptism:                               Confirmation:

Name & Address of your parish church [So that the Baptism can be recorded locally, and a copy of a certificate can be easily obtained for the future]:

Where did you hear about my ministry?

Please note that there is no set fee for a Baptism, or any other Sacrament or spiritual goods of the church.  But a free will offering will be gratefully accepted and passed on to the Good Shepherd Companions.




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